Client Area

We created a web-based Trader’s Room with the specific needs of forex traders in mind.Under the secure login, your traders can create multiple trading accounts, view their transaction history, get notifications for every important activity done, make secure deposits, request withdrawals and many more.

Your Trader’s Room

Lead Creation

  • The Traders Room is homogeneously integrated with CRM or with the trading platform if you are using the trading platform without any CRM. All you need to do is to define your business processes. If you want the system to create leads through quick registration, we can do that.

Account Registration

  • Based on your process and compliance requirements, we can provide quick, simple or detailed registrations for your clients.

Collaborative Compliance

  • Once signed up, your clients can manage their personal details with ease. Besides personal details, your clients can change or restore their website passwords.

Trading History

  • Get a glance at your trading account/s at a glance. If you allow your traders to open multiple accounts in different currencies, this feature becomes even more meaningful to your valued customers.

Electronic Deposits & Withdrawals

  • Providing our customers the opportunity to choose and integrate alternative payment systems that their personal needs so that their customers have the ability to complete their transactions online in a secure and seamless manner.

Withdrawal Requests

  • Facilitates your customers to make a withdrawal request. Request notification is sent to stakeholders.
  • Monetary transactions are updated as soon as the withdrawal request is approved and processed
  • Once signed up, traders, IBs, and other types of users interact with brokerage agents: attending to withdrawal requests and technical issues.

Trading Platform Autologin

  • Seamless two-way integration with various trading platforms such as MT4, Sirix Platform, Activ8 Platform, CTarder integrated with multiple trading accounts.

Manage funds

  • Trader’s Room includes a CRM (Customer Relationship Management System)
  • Once signed up, traders, IBs, and other types of users interact with brokerage agents: attending to withdrawal requests and technical issues.
  • That allows forex brokers to receive leads to sales and support agents to attend to their needs.

Integrated with CRM

  • See-less integration with the Forex CRM. Set all your business rules in the CRM and let the trader’s room execute them for you.

Manage Partners

  • Are you interested in getting client referrals or are you looking for IB Affiliates to increase your sales? The system makes it easier to find and keep partners.It allows for the capture of leads/accounts generated by specific affiliates.

Graphs, Calculator & lot more

  • Enrich the experience of your traders with provisions to set leverage, get open/closed positions, account balance, trading calculators, graphs on ROI, frequently traded pairs, profitable pairs and much more.

Security & Support

  • The most important feature of any service is the safety of the client’s data & the support provided. We’ve been in this business since 2009, so we understand the importance of having a dedicated technical and network team.We provide protection against network attacks, data encryption & daily backups. Our highly skilled, professional & committed team will help resolve your issues quickly and to your satisfaction.