Affiliate System, Crypto CRM & more

Besides the core products & services for Forex Brokers, Intivion provides many other products and services to forex brokers to optimize their revenue. Affiliate system for campaign management, PSP Backoffice for managing PSPs, CRYPTO CRM, Live chat, Dashboard for Executives, Mobile application development and many more.

Affiliate System

Increase your revenue by tracking affiliates and thru effective Campaign Management provided by Forex CRM Affiliate. It accommodates all forms of commission types to bring the greatest rewards to your partners. The system is very user friendly with excellent customer support provided by our highly skilled technical staff.

PSP Back office

Don’t you feel the need to manage your own PSPs? you may want to halt a PSP for a while or change the cascading order based on your business decisions or block a psp for some countries. Forex CRM PSP Backoffice does exactly this for you and much more.

Crypto Exchange

Looking at the newer market trends, Intivion helps you to build Crypto Websites and enable your customers to trade in digital currency.

CRM Crypto

Forex CRM Crypto is a complete CRM for a crypto Trader. It allows you to deposit, trade on behalf of your clients; manage the new regulations, add new cryptos. With powerful Dashboards, notifications & scheduling your sales team can do wonders for you.

Executive Dashboard

With our Executive Dashboard, the CEOs can get to know the business performance anytime anywhere. Get the financial information, Departmental overview, Sales Performance, Affiliate productivity and much more.

Live Chat

Forex CRM Live Chat help you provide technical support to your clients. Using Forex CRM your account managers can chat and guide your active clients in trading. For non-active clients too, you can use the live chat to increase your customer satisfaction at decreased support cost.

Mobile App Development

Intivion has a dedicated team that work only for mobile application development. We provide custom based mobile application to various industries from manufacturing to Forex Trading.

Website Maintenance

Intivion maintains all website that we develop for our clients. Besides the operational support, we also will help you with all queries related to Business Units, queries related to payment providers etc.