Forex CRM

Back Office System

Developed exclusively for FX Brokerages and Financial organizations.

With more than 10 years in the FinTech industry, Intivion specialises in providing customised CRM solutions, Client Portals, Websites, Cashier/PSP/Payment gateway integrations and other products to our clients in the financial industry.

Managing more than 50+ brands, Intivion is well placed to understand your requirements and delivery quality topnotch solutions to help you achieve your ROI and brand success.

We do not participate in market activities.

With our CRM, you can focus on your business and help your sales and retention staff to engage proactively with your clients and thereby maximise FTDs and Retention. Never lose track of your clients interaction. Keep a track of all activities and engagement with the clients.

Integrated with multiple trading platforms like MT4, cTrader, XOH, Sirix etc. with the ‘Single Wallet’ concept integrating a single customer profile with multiple trading platforms and multiple trading accounts.

Tight integration with Client Portal.

Access and Authorisation is an integral part of this CRM. If allowed, marketing or sales or back office can create accounts or handle payments (integration with the PSPs in-built) directly from within the CRM.

Includes many other features.

Pick a CRM Function

Lead Management

  • Converting a lead into a potential customer depends on efficient communication and nurturing. From lead generation to conversion, Forex CRM ensures proper follow-up to move your leads through the sales pipeline.
  • Design business rules to route the lead to the correct salesperson based on territory, team or specialty.
  • Measure campaign effectiveness.

CRM Reporting & Dashboards

  • It provides real-time insights into customer data like Leads, and Accounts, Deposits and many more. Use efficient filters to customize charts and reports.
  • Monitor performance across your business including marketing analytics, sales trends, case reports, and customer profiles. Users can create real-time Reports and Dashboards.

Advanced Workflows

  • Customer interactions that rely heavily on manual processes can be hit or miss. A key benefit of automation is providing a consistent customer experience. Workflow automation allows you to develop standardized response protocols and ensure that they’re followed.
  • Event based emails, Notifications, Follow-up reminders, easy workflows from campaigns and leads, to compliance to accounts. All workflows can be customized easily.

Easy Customization & Configurations

  • Forex CRM is designed to allow system administrators and users the flexibility of customizing and configuring the system to meet their specific needs. With proper privileges, one can customize the dashboards, workflows & Reports.
  • Forex CRM Administrators can configure core functionality like module or sub-panel visibility, user access control, job schedulers and more. Administrators can also configure at a module level for specific custom CRM functionalities, for instance track opportunities to make them more relevant for their organisations.

Campaign Management

  • With the campaign management feature of Forex CRM, you can create multiple campaigns directly from your CRM and measure their success.
  • Measure performance by each of your affiliate and campaign.
  • Allows your affiliates to track the conversions they provided and calculate their payout

Teams, Roles & Security

  • With Forex CRM, define your own security policies to reduce your business risks based on role-based privileges for your team.
  • Team-based security can simplify CRM security administration for organisations that are experiencing rapid growth and/or transformation. Define permissions for users such as what kinds of records they can access and what level of access they are allowed. Roles work in conjunction with Teams to form a robust security model.

Search Filters

  • A powerful search can reduce the efforts for your team. The search filter provided by Forex CRM is a powerful tool that enables you to extract valuable information in no time.
  • With a provision of combined search criteria your team can easily trace records they are looking for in no time and can even export it to excel or pdf.

Integration with Multiple Platforms

  • Multi-platform integration allows you to provide your clients with all the mainstream platforms
  • It allows you to create accounts, delete users, Set leverage, verify documents, approve withdrawals and many more.

Integration with Payment Providers

  • Forex CRM is integrated with more than 25 Payment Providers & thus enables you to start accepting deposits without any delay. Forex CRM is designed in such a way that integration with any other PSP is easy, quick and will completely free of costs.
  • To name a few, Forex CRM is integrated with Neteller, Skrill, dreamspay, zotapay, Solidpayment and many more

Efficient Support Team

  • We ensure smooth transition to our CRM for your team. Post on-boarding, you will receive user manual for each role explaining the flow, features along with demo trial session. We are always available to resolve any queries you may have.
  • Use our ticketing system to upload your queries, enhancements, changes and we will resolve it at the earliest.


  • Simple to use
  • No Technical Jargons
  • CRM which doesn’t take ages to learn.
  • Does not expect you to be a techie to use our CRM.

Business Processes

  • Tailored fit to the FX industry.
  • Leads Management.
  • Integrated with multiple trading platforms.
  • Integrated with multiple PSPs in-built.
  • Account creation to FTD to Retention processes inbuilt.
  • Account Tracking – complete history of accounts status, emails etc.
  • Desk Management to help you segment your client base.
  • Optional Compliance process plugin.
  • Marketing process.
  • Affiliate Management
  • Realtime Reporting

Technology & Business Know-How

  • Developed with inputs from brokers
  • experience of more than 10 years
  • Highly customisable
  • Reporting and Dashboards which makes sense.
  • Gives the specific insights needed by the specific team.
  • Any specific request will be developed with no lag time.