Online Marketing

The benefits and impact of social media marketing

Now, one can reach to customers across the world and can connect with them because of social media marketing. Starting from building communities for supporting clients to blogging for conveying important information to the public, social media marketing help companies to take advantage of different marketing opportunities ahead of others. Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook offer companies different ways of using these sites for delivering messages, managing reputation and even encouraging brand loyalty. We put forward the experience and expertise that is required for helping you to blend seo, media as well as other strategies. We even help to encourage your clients to participate in your community.

Profile Management:

It is important to create and manage profile on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, and we provide all the help for connecting with your targeted communities in various ways. We make sure that your reputation on this site is good and you are considered an important member of the community.


Your customers as well as search engines just love blogs, and you can also offer tips, commentary, and news to your clients through blogs. At the same time, you can feed fresh content to the search engines. We help you in generating quality content regularly for attracting more visitors as well as links on your site.

App Development:

We are proficient in developing social media applications, which are designed specifically for your industry or business. With the continuous expansion of the social marketing field, many chances for innovative applications will come your way for developing your community of reliable clients.

Multivariate Testing:

It is not possible for each company to utilize all the social media marketing avenues. We help you in realizing which social media aspects will help your company in connecting with your community and getting traffic. For this, the best way is multivariate testing, as these tests helps in fully optimizing the campaign of social media marketing.


At Intivion our main consideration is being totally transparent regarding our processes. We offer you a detailed explanation of the key performance of your site as an important segment of our process and this works like an indicator for realizing the impact of social media optimization on your business.