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What is Pay per click management and how it can provide more returns?

Pay-Per-Click marketing is one of the best ways of making your site popular among your customers and a dexterously managed PPC marketing campaign can help in saving loads of money and enhance your ROI as well.

Professionals of PPC management at Intivion manage your ppc campaign strategically, so that your message is conveyed to the audience at large. Search marketing strategies like PPC and SEO are complementary, and they help in generating profits even prior to establishing rankings on search engines. You can build a string client base with this influential marketing service.

Keyword Research:

Initial step of any SEO or PPC marketing campaign is identifying best keywords for targeting your audience who find services or products associated with those keywords. Online success depends on good keyword research and Intivion helps in choosing right keywords, which convert potential clients to paying consumers. For saving money and ensuring success, you have to target your campaign right from the start.

Many sources are used for generating keywords, and these are not restricted to search engine tools website copy or reviews. For ensuring pertinent queries and receiving exposure one should use Exact Match, Broad Match, Negative Match, and Phrase Match. After testing keywords are arranged into three different levels, which are Low Performing, Mid Performing and Top Performing. This three-tier approach helps in deciding efficiency of the keyword and enhances testing opportunities and optimization.

Competitive Analysis:

Are you aware who all are targeting the keywords you want? How various firms are competing for similar traffic? What is the position of your competition? Are your competitors missing chances that you can take advantage of. Intivion’s PPC services study the competitive market for keywords you select and then build strategies for reaching the best rankings and maintaining the rank.

Sponsored Search Ads:

Advertisements of PPC are sponsored links, which come with innate search results, so PPC can help in creating instant visibility of your website. Handling such kind of marketing campaigns cautiously is very significant and marketing experts at Intivion helps you to manage cost-effective strategies, so that you can get more returns on the money you invested. We blend PPC, SEO and different strategies for increasing sales and exposure at the same time.

Contextual Advertising:

Conveying correct message to the correct site is the main idea behind contextual advertising and this approach places the ads, which appears inside a site instead of the result pages of search engines. We help you in setting up and managing contextual advertising for targeting right clients on right websites.


Intivion offer you complete advantage of PPC optimization campaign, as it studies your site analytics very closely and then makes the required changes. We also assess relevant data and metrics for determining keyword performance, and then we put forward initial setup and also offers recommendations and expert consultation about improving the paid marketing campaign.

Reporting/Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

At Intivion you can get monthly progress reports, which include an exhaustive account of key performance indicators present on your site. This helps in evaluating your PPC campaign’s success rate.


After collecting data, it is important to scrutinize the outcomes and our PPC team helps in reviewing the data regularly. This makes sure that trends are recognized for improving the result of the campaign. Data can be easily evaluated after slicing and dicing, with the aid of the Intivion’s complicated search engine reporting.

Our reporting provides valuable performance insight for your keywords, campaigns, and text messages and other significant metrics. We are happy to offer you meticulous reporting on important data points for development and growth of your PPC campaign.


Once the keywords are tested, establishment of apposite bid levels will be done, and the bid levels will be decided for all the keywords according to their level of performance. In this way, you can make sure that your money is spent in the most efficient manner. Intivion also offers keyword optimization on a regular basis as well as ad texts, as this will help in saving more money. This in turn will help in increasing the bids on the keywords that are top performers. Finally, this will also support testing of initiatives as well as new keywords.