Online Marketing

How Website Conversion Optimization increase your site’s profitability

Delivering high ROI has become the bottom line now, and this implies that one has to turn the visitors into sales. For this, one has to use conversion rate optimization, which involves fine-tuning a site for lowering bounce rate. This in turn will lead your visitors to do what you want from them and to take the desired action. helps to enhance the conversion rate, so that you can earn more money and following methods are used in this process.

Metrics Analysis (Analytics)

To improve your marketing campaign’s performance, it is very crucial to understand what is going on at your site. We study user behavior thoroughly and help in analyzing the pattern of visitors arriving on your site and the pages they are viewing and even the reason why they completed a deal or not. This step is conversion optimization and it is the initial step for optimizing your website and increasing your site’s revenue.

Usability Analysis

We carry out a comprehensive analysis on behavior of users visiting your site, as this helps in knowing how users identify your site. With the help of usability analysis, all the problems with design, copy, layout or technical structure will be revealed and this helps in eliminating all the potential impediments.

Landing Page Optimization

When clients visit your site, they first land on the landing pages and we make sure that these pages are optimized so that number of conversion rate of your landing page increase significantly. We build landing pages, which helps in engaging your client and also give them scope for diving into your site and crack a deal.

A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing

Testing helps in revealing strategies, which generate finest results and this also ensure that all the things are targeted in the right way. We take up multivariate and A/B testing for finding out what works better for your site.

Website maintenance and optimization

With proper site maintenance, one can correct issues such as broken lines, outdated content, and some of the other problems, which avert potential clients. We help in fine-tuning calls-to-action and streamlining forms that users use for interacting, adding and optimizing content.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)/Reporting

Intivion believes in complete transparency of process, so we offer complete account of KPIs of your site’s performance, which tells you about the effect of conversion rate optimization on your site.